Hyrox UK Official Coach

Official Hyrox Coach

Are you looking to improve your Hyrox time or get on the podium at your next Hyrox race?

As an experienced Hyrox athlete myself I have achieved excellent results in the 12 races I have competed in; within the UK, Europe and the World Championships held in Las Vegas 2022.

I’m currently the European Champion for my age group 2022.

Hyrox Training Programme’s

I have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve the best results of your life. I can develop a personal training programme tailored to you. By following your programme you can improve your fitness level so you’ll be ready too conquer your next Hyrox race.

Monthly Hyrox Personalised Programme – £50

Includes five workouts per week and two video consultations to track your progress.

To check availability and buy your programme please contact us.