WAX Games 2019

We’re excited to announce the WAX Fitness Games 2019. This is the first ever time we have organised such an event and so we’re really excited about this. Having taken part in many gym challenges and Iron man and woman events over many years we have always thought how great it would be to organise and host our very own gym challenge event here in Portsmouth. The event is open this year to any gym member at WAX Fitness and will be held outdoors at our gym facility in The Pompey Centre, Dickinson Road, Portsmouth, PO4 8SH.

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WAX Games

Date: Saturday 10th August 2019

Registration will open at 8:45am and the games will start at 9:15am.

Entry Fee: £20

Application form

Please download and print the application form, complete it and return it to the office in the Gym.

Questions and Answers

How long will the day last?

We should be done by 11am

What time does it start?

Registration opens at 8.45am and the Games will start at 9:15am

What are the workouts?

They will be released one week before

What are the exercises?

Exercises will include skierg, aerodyne, barbells, kettlebells, rowing, rope pulls, box jumps, ball slams and bodyweight.

What prizes are there?

Trophy for winner of category and medals for silver and bronze place in each category. There will also be prizes for best effort.

What about age categories?

The Masters category is for anyone over the age of 40. Scaled category is an easier option for those over 50, but anyone over 50 can still choose to enter the Open or Masters category.

What are the categories?

Open male, open female, masters male, masters female, scaled male and scaled female. Masters categories are for anyone over the age of 40.

Is it suitable for all abilities?

Yes there are categories to suit all abilities. Whatever your fitness level you can take part.

What does this include?

Entrance fee

How much is each event?


What dates are the Games on?

18th May, 15th June, 13th July and 10th August.

How many Games are in the Series?

4 Games are planned for 2019.

How long is each workout?

10 minutes

How many workouts?


WAX Fitness Games 2019. Gym Competition in Portsmouth Hampshire.
WAX Fitness Games Gym Competition 2019