WAX Games Workout

Workout 1 – ‘LEG WAX’

50 thrusters with remaining time on bike for maximum calories. 20Kg Barbell for Men and 15Kg for Women.

Workout 2 – ‘WAXED ABS’

Skierg (Men 500m / Women 400m)

3 rounds of – 5 Deadlifts / 10 Box overs / 10 Plate ground to overhead

Skierg (Men 500m / Women 400m)

Workout 3 – ‘JUMP & RUN’

Butterfly sit-ups

Kettlebell swings

Bunny jumps

Ball slams

10 x 10m shuttle runs with ball

Men complete 20 reps of each and Women 15 reps for as many rounds as possible.

Workout 4 – ‘WAX Fitness Test’

Row for 2 minutes

Rest for 1 minute

Plate burpees for 2 minutes

Rest for 1 minute

Row for 2 minutes

Rest for 1 minute

Plate burpees for 1 minute

Each of the four workouts is done for ten minutes, with points awarded for rounds completed or calories burnt. Many of our personal training clients are experienced in this style of workout where we focus on total body conditioning and cardio health. There is no more important muscle in your body than your heart! If you would like to take part in a gym competition or perhaps have already entered one and would like personal training and support to reach your goal and achieve your best fitness level ever, then please contact us.

There will be more gym competitions and events in our WAX Games Series in the coming months and all will be held in Portsmouth at our easy to reach Gym. Please check back soon to find out when our next gym competition will be held.